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Name = WindClan
Founder = Wind
Current Leader = Onestar
Current Deputy = Ashfoot
Current Medicine Cat = Kestrelflight

WindClan is a group (referred as a "Clan" by the cats) of feral cats that live in the part of the forest were most of the territory consists of moorland. However, as of Dawn, after the Great Journey, WindClan moved into the lake along with the other Clans, and gained a territory similar to the one they had in the forest. The name comes from WindClan's founding leader; Wind, who was thought to have given her Clan's a name like hers.

Habitat: the forest (past), the Lake (current)
Special Skills: They are fast, lean, and swift. Their short, smooth pelts of brown and gray blend in with rocks and grass for camouflage.
Other Info: List of all WindClan cats


WindClan often see themselves as fiercely loyal, tough, fast-running, and easily offended. They are nervous and quick to flee, mostly because of the lack of cover on the open moor. They take much pride in being the closest Clan to the Moonstone. Of all the Clans, they have the deepest knowledge of Twolegs. They have farms near them so they can observe many animals and Twolegs.


In the Forest TerritoriesEdit

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In the Lake TerritoriesEdit

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See AlsoEdit

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