Project Fanfiction is devoted to supplying our viewers with quality fanfiction stories for them to read, and sorting out different fanfiction.

Status: Active

Project Directions and Links:

Project Members

Leader: Nachtide
Deputy: Coming Soon
Senior Warriors: None
Warriors: None

Project NewsEdit


  • As of September 28, 2015, Nachtide has taken over the project.
  • The project has been re-started by Kibeth!
  • Starry Hawk is the new deputy! Congrats!
  • Stoneclaw has handed the leadership over to Thistleshine and has took on the position of SW.
  • The project has been set up! Stoneclaw is the new leader, congrats!as

NOTE: If you wish to join the project, leave a new section on the talk page that says "Join Request ~ USERNAME". Replace USERNAME with your username.

If you would like to read any fanfictions, click on one of the categories below.

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