Project Characters is a project devoted to providing character, role-play character, and fanfiction character articles with proper, accurate information and descriptions, organizing the layout out of these articles, and the project is the project that decides whether or not an article is created/deleted, what templates to add, categories, and so.

Status: Active

Project Directions and Links:

Project Members

Leader: Nachtide
Deputy: Coming Soon
Senior Warriors: None
Warriors: None

Project NewsEdit

  • As of September 28, 2015, Nachtide will be starting fresh with this project.
  • The project has been re-started by Kibeth!
  • While Stoneclaw is out with computer issues, Starry Hawk has been given permission to act as temporary leader.
  • The project has been set up! Stoneclaw is the new leader, congrats!

NOTE: If you wish to join the project, leave a new section on the talk page that says "Join Request ~ USERNAME". Replace USERNAME with your username.

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