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WarriorCats WWorld Wikia is a website devoted to the Warriors series by Erin Hunter, where we provide our viewers with quality information about the series, chances to role-play, to post beautiful fanfiction, and more. We currently have 514 articles. We hope that you're willing to help us out.

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Here lie a list of some common policies and rules. However, make sure to read all rules, and read the guidelines of the project you're in; if you're in a project.

These are the staff of the wiki; ask them for any help, and they'll be happy to help you. Please don't ask for staff rights on this wiki; you have to earn them by being contributive, dedicated, helpful, then requesting the rights.

The Roleplay Clans
If you want to join a role-play Clan, leave a message on the Clan's talk page asking to join. A Clan leader, deputy, or medicine cat will add you in.
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Right now, our improvement drive article is:


Please help us improve this article in any way you can. Just make sure to follow the guidelines.
See Firestar's talk page if you want to propose something that needs to be improved or changed, and there you can check out what needs improvement.
As many of you know, what makes up a wiki is the community. And we need the community's help all the time; especially since the wiki is new!

Create an article; a book article, a character article (if needed), or create a fanfiction article, a fanon character article (for role-play, fanfiction), or any other that you are allowed to create!

News and Announcements
  • July 23rd: A sub-website has been created for this wiki - a roleplay forum website for Warriors! Please help out with the website. Link: [1]. We are looking for moderators, chatbox moderators, and one more admin on the website - but these positions are only given to active users. You do not have to have an account on wikia to have an account on this sub-website. Roleplay is also on here, but here, roleplay is limited, so we have created another website for it. This website will also be used as a database for the roleplay done here and there.   Stoneclaw | Talk | 800 edits |  
  • Unknown Date: A new main page has been designed by Stoneclaw.
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