The Forgotten Warrior
The Forgotten Warrior Cover
Release Information
Author: Cherith Baldry
Cover Art: Wayne McLoughlin
Jacket Designer: Hilary Zarycky
Publish Date: 22nd of November 2011
Editions: Hardcover, e-Book
Preceded by: Sign of the Moon
Followed by: The Last Hope

The Forgotten Warrior is the fifth book in the Omen of the Stars Arc. The book is told from Jayfeather's, Ivypool's, Dovewing's and Lionblaze's point of view.


The end of the stars draws near. Three must become four to battle the darkness that lasts forever...

With a divided StarClan driving a treacherous rift between the four warrior Clans, the spirits of the Dark Forest are gaining strength. Ivypool's role as a spy becomes more dangerous with each passing day, and Dovewing is haunted by nightmares about the mountains.
Then an outsider appears in ThunderClan's midst, spreading discord and pushing the Clans farther apart. As tensions mount and Clanmates turn against one another, the warrior cats will be forced to choose whose word they can trust - before it's too late.

Plot DetailsEdit

Coming Soon

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