The Ancients were a group of cats living in the lake territories long before the Clans lived there.

General InformationEdit


The Ancients had three tribes. They were scattered long before the Clans came around to the lake. One of the ancient tribes are ancestors of the Tribe of Rushing Water. They share many similarities, such as calling themselves "tribes" and not marking boundaries.
The names of the Ancients are all made up of two words, related to nature or describing a cat's look. (i.e. Fallen Leaves, Dove's Wing) The names of the Ancients do not change over time like Clan cats. Some Ancient families share a surname, such as Jay's Wing and Dove's Wing or Rising Moon and Half Moon.
Jayfeather is the only cat who knows about the Ancients. He has dreams about them and travels back to interact with them, but is know as Jay's Wing.


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The Casting of StonesEdit

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