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Paw  Sunpelt (SC)  Paw
Warrior of SkyClan Affiliations
No Image
Current: SkyClanTemplate:R
Past: N/A
Residence: Unknown
Names Family
Warrior: SunpeltTemplate:R N/A
Living: SkyClan's Destiny Dead: N/A

Sunpelt is a cat with an unknown description and gender.


In the Super Edition ArcEdit

SkyClan's DestinyEdit

Sunpelt dies after a battle with some rats, along with Fallensnow. His/her Clanmates could not go back and get his/her body because there was a risk that other cats could be harmed. The Clan debates about whether they should have brought the bodies back, and they decide that it was best that their bodies were left. Oakstep disagrees, and tries to go get the bodies himself. Spiderstar stops him from going.

References and CitationsEdit

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