Sunningrocks is a area of large, smooth boulders that border RiverClan and ThunderClan in the old forest. There have been many disputes over who owned the rocks and many cats died on them.

Psysical AppearanceEdit

Sunningrocks is a vast expanse of smooth gray boulders bordering the river that seperated RiverClan and ThunderClan back in the old forest. It's noted as a great place to sun yourself in new-leaf and green-leaf, which is mostly when one of the Clans wants Sunningrocks for themselves.

Myths and LegendsEdit

Sunningrocks was, according to warriors myth, was territory of Mythological Clan territory, and was home to the vicious boar, Rage. At a Gathering, it is announced that whatever warrior killed the beast would claim rights to the river and Sunningrocks for their Clan. Fleetfoot, a LeopardClan warrior, starts being very boastful, saying LeopardClan would defeat it easily. She is chosen to go kill Rage.
When she reaches Sunningrocks and the river, she finds Rage under a tree, nosing the groung, and she chases the boar through the forest til they reach the gorge, where Rage falls to his death. Fleetfoot follows, and before he dies, Fleetfoot holds his body under.
But, when Fleetfoot is washed up on the shore, Fury, Rage's mate, a bigger, fiercer she-boar, attacks Fleetfoot and they battle for three days and nights. Finally, FLeetfoot drives Fury out onto the stepping stones, where she loses her footing, falls in and drowns, and Fleetfoot wins the river and Sunningrocks for LeopardClan for defeating both boars.

Book AppearancesEdit

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In the Super Edition ArcEdit

Crookedstar's PromiseEdit

Stormkit and Oakkit go to Sunningrocks while sneaking out of camp, and, unknown to them, Sunningrocks curretly belonged to ThunderClan at that time, and the kits find the ThunderClan medicine cat Goosefeather picking herbs, so they try to chase him off. Goosefeather turns on the two kits, and chases them away, but Stormkit falls into the river and breaks his jaw on one of the stepping stones.
When RiverClan sees that ThunderClan is trying to take back the rocks, RiverClan patrol goes to warn ThunderClan's warriors Swiftbreeze, Adderfang and Stormtail that Sunningrocks belonged to RiverClan. Mudfur ends up fighting Adderfang one-on-one, and Mudfur emerges the victor.

Bluestar's ProphecyEdit

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