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Name = SkyClan
Founder = Sky
Current Leader = Leafstar
Current Deputy = Sharpclaw
Current Medicine Cat = Echosong

SkyClan is a group (referred as a "Clan" by the cats) who live in a gorge with rocky cliffs that zigzag down to the base. The founding leader, Sky, got his/her name from being able to jump far and high, was thought to have given his/her Clan's a name like his/hers.

Habitat: the forest (past), the Lake (current)
Special Skills: They are very good with aboveground combat. They can do many moves, but the main one is the Sky-Drop. They climb high trees to drop on their enemies from above.
Other Info: List of all SkyClan cats


SkyClan have strong hind legs which help them to jump very high or jump very far. They got this skill from their ancestors. They have tough, gray pads which assist them in walking on hard, rocky surfaces. They climb trees regularly, for enjoyment and battle moves. They are very powerful cats. They mainly eat birds, mice, and squirrels.


In the Forest TerritoriesEdit

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In the Lake TerritoriesEdit

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See AlsoEdit

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