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Name = ShadowClan
Founder = Shadow
Current Leader = Blackstar
Current Deputy = Rowanclaw
Current Medicine Cat = Littlecloud

ShadowClan is a group (referred as a "Clan" by the cats) of feral cats that live in the part of the forest where most of the territory is made up of pines. However, as of Dawn, after the Great Journey, ShadowClan moved into the lake along with the other Clans, and gained a territory similar to the one they had in the forest. The name comes from ShadowClan's founding leader; Shadow, who was thought to have given her Clan's a name like hers.

Habitat: the forest (past), the Lake (current)
Special Skills: ShadowClan Cats hunt at night much better than the other Clans, and are skilled at creeping unseen through the undergrowth.
Other Info: List of all ShadowClan cats


ShadowClan is considered battle-hungry, aggressive, ambitious and greedy for territory. It is said that the cold wind blows across the territory and chills their hearts. Usually suspicious and untrusting. They mainly eat frogs, lizards, and snakes that live in ShadowClan's boggy, peaty, territory. They also use the Twoleg garbage dump as a secret food source, although they have to be careful not to eat infected rats or crow-food.


In the Forest TerritoriesEdit

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In the Lake TerritoriesEdit

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See AlsoEdit

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