Roleplay Chat RulesEdit

1. No spamming or flooding.

2. No sparkles. (green, blue, red etc. cats)

3. No powerplaying. (basically taking over another character in roleplay. Making them feel things, say things, etc.)

4. Always try to roleplay. If you're coming in the chat to roleplay, then do so! If you come in and chat with others and distract people we will ask you to leave. You can talk briefly about characters and plot, but that's all.

5. Have fun!

Character PagesEdit

1. You can make chararts, but you can only have one picture on your page.

2. You can make their history, but don't add too much. Don't make it so huge readers cringe away and don't want to read it. You can make it fairly long, but don't overdo it.

3. Never make history in roleplay form. It takes up too much room on the page and is too hard to read. Just sum it up.


Wolfhowl: "Oh StarClan... did you hear that sound?"

Tigerwing: "Yes. What do you suppose it is?" She twitched her tail nervously. A fox suddenly leaped out of the undergrowth.

Can be summed up into: Wolfhowl and Tigerwing heard a sound and a fox attacked them.

4. If you have a pretty minor character in the story, like a warrior sending you on patrol, don't make a whole page unless they come into the story later and become important.

5. Always post your character pages after Role-play in the link. For example,

6. Always have fun.

-If you think any of these rules should be changed or you think they're unfair, please ask User:Thistleshine and address it on her talk page. Thank you!

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