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Name = RiverClan
Founder = River
Current Leader = Mistystar
Current Deputy = Reedwhisker
Current Medicine Cat = Mothwing

RiverClan is a group (referred as a "Clan" by the cats) of feral cats that live on a well-drained island that is circled with reeds. However, as of Dawn, after the Great Journey, RiverClan moved into the lake along with the other Clans, and gained a territory similar to the one they had in the forest. The name comes from RiverClan's founding leader; River, who was thought to have given his Clan's a name like his.

Habitat: the forest (past), the Lake (current)
Special Skills: They are strong swimmers, who can move silent and scentless through water. They scoop fish out of the water from the bank- a skill many cats cannot master.
Other Info: List of all RiverClan cats


RiverClan are contented, sleek and well fed. They have long fur and glossy coats. They love beautiful, shiny things and often collect things for the dens, such as rocks, shells, and feathers. They do not fear water. They mainly eat fish but also eat water voles, shrews, and mice.


In the Forest TerritoriesEdit

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In the Lake TerritoriesEdit

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See AlsoEdit

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