Paw  Quickpaw  Paw
Apprentice of WindClan Affiliations
Current: WindClan
Past: N/A
Residence: Residence
Names Family
Apprentice: Quickpaw
Living: Code of the Clans Dead: N/A

Quickpaw is a pale ginger tom.

Spoiler Warning: This article contains plot details about a book in the Warriors series! Read at your own risk.


In the Field Guide ArcEdit

Code of the ClansEdit

Quickpaw is an ancient WindClan apprentice, training under his mentor, Morningcloud. He is enraged when Featherstar appoints Acorntail as deputy, instead of his own mentor, demonstrating his unwavering, fierce loyalty to his mentor.
The next morning, he goes on patrol with Morningcloud and Acorntail. It is mentioned that he has a knack for finding plover eggs and carrying them back to the camp unharmed. The WindClan cats meet up with a ThunderClan patrol. Acorntail confronts them when he smells traces of rabbit scent on them, but Quickpaw says the rabbit looked old and smelled funny, then tells the ThunderClan cats they just ate crowfood. The WindClan patrol returns to camp.
End of Spoiler Warning

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