Paw  Jake  Paw
Rank of Clan Affiliations
No Image
Current: Kittypet
Past: N/A
Residence: Residence
Names Family
Kittypet: Jake Mates:
Quince, Nutmeg
Firestar, Scourge, Socks, Unnamed Kits
Princess, Ruby, Unnamed Kits
Living: Bluestar's Prophecy Dead: N/A

Jake is a plump ginger tom.

Spoiler Warning: This article contains plot details about a book in the Warriors series! Read at your own risk.


In the Super Edition ArcEdit

Bluestar's ProphecyEdit

He is seen sitting on the fence of his garden when Bluepaw chases a squirrel near the Twolegplace. He politely asks if she is a forest cat, which she does not answer. He inquires what it is like to live in the forest, when a grey female kittypet, formally known as Quince, jumps up beside him. Bluepaw leaves, and Jake says next time he sees her, he would invite Bluepaw inside his Twoleg nest.
While Snowfur and Bluefur collect catmint with Featherwhisker, Sunfall reports that there is more kittypet activity near Twolegplace then usual. Bluefur briefly thinks of Jake, although she believes he can't even catch a mouse.
End of Spoiler Warning

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