Leader: Bluestar - blue-gray she-cat, tinged with silver around her muzzle.
Apprentice, Firepaw
Deputy: Redtail - small tortoiseshell tom with a distinctive ginger tail.
Apprentice, Dustpaw
Medicine Cat: Spottedleaf - beautiful dark tortoiseshell she-cat with a distinctive dappled coat.
Lionheart - magnificent golden tabby tom with thick fur like a lion's mane.
Apprentice, Graypaw
Tigerclaw - big dark brown tabby tom with unusually long front claws.
Apprentice, Ravenpaw
Whitestorm - big white tom.
Apprentice, Sandpaw
Darkstripe - sleek black-and-gray tabby tom.
Longtail - pale tabby tom with dark black stripes.
Runningwind - swift tabby tom.
Willowpelt - very pale gray she-cat with unusual blue eyes.
Mousefur - small dusky brown she-cat.
Dustpaw - dark brown tabby tom.
Graypaw - long-haired solid gray tom.
Ravenpaw - small, skinny black tom with a tiny white dash on his chest, and white-tipped tail.
Sandpaw - pale ginger she-cat.
Firepaw - handsome ginger tom.
Frostfur - beautiful white coat and blue eyes.
Brindleface - pretty tabby.
Goldenflower - pale ginger coat.
Speckletail - pale tabby, and the oldest nursery queen.
Halftail - big dark brown tabby tom with part of his tail missing.
Smallear - gray tom with very small ears. The oldest tom in ThunderClan.
Patchpelt - small black-and-white tom.
One-eye - pale gray she-cat, the oldest cat in ThunderClan. Virtually blind and deaf.
Dappletail - once-pretty tortoiseshell she-cat with a lovely dappled coat.


Leader: Brokenstar - long-haired dark brown tabby.
Deputy: Blackfoot - large white tom with huge jet-black paws.
Medicine Cat: Runningnose - small gray-and-white tom.
Stumpytail - brown tabby tom.
Apprentice, Brownpaw
Boulder - silver tabby tom.
Apprentice, Wetpaw
Clawface - battle-scarred brown tom.
Apprentice, Littlepaw
Nightpelt - black tom.
Brownpaw - N/A
Wetpaw - N/A
Littlepaw - N/A
Dawncloud - small tabby.
Brightflower - black-and-white she-cat.
Ashfur - thin gray tom.


Leader: Tallstar - a black-and-white tom with a very long tail.


Leader: Crookedstar - a huge light-colored tabby with a twisted jaw.
Deputy: Oakheart - a reddish brown tom.

Cats Outside ClansEdit

Yellowfang - old dark gray she-cat with a broad, flattened face.
Smudge - plump, friendly black-and-white kitten who lives in a house at the edge of a forest.
Barley - black-and-white tom who lives on a farm close to the forest.

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