Paw  Fernshade  Paw
Warrior of ShadowClan Affiliations
Current: ShadowClan
Past: None
Residence: Residence
Names Family
Son: Badgerpaw[1]
Living: Code of the Clans Dead: Night Whispers

Fernshade is a tortioseshell she-cat. Template:R

Spoiler Warning: This article contains plot details about a book in the Warriors series! Read at your own risk.


In the Power of Three ArcEdit

Night WhispersEdit

Fernshade is seen in StarClan with Yellowfang, Sagewhisker, Bluestar and several other warriors. They are seen discussing Russetfur after her death in a dispute with ThunderClan over a grassy clearing. Fernshade appears to be really upset, and she says that ShadowClan had suffered the most from this. She blames Yellowfang, saying she should have sent a sign to prevent the battle. Fernshade then leaves to bring Russetfur to StarClan, asked by Yellowfang to tell Russetfur that the old medicine cat was sorry.
When Flametail is at the Moonpool, he lists the StarClan cats names when he sees them, asked by Sagewhisker to do so. He lists Fernshade among the starry ranks.

In the Field Guide ArcEdit

Code of the ClansEdit

In the section The Smallest Warrior, Fernshade is the mother of the underage ShadowClan apprentice, Badgerpaw. She doesn't formally appear, but is mentioned by Badgerpaw in his dying moments. He asks his mentor, Flintfang, if Fernshade would be proud of him. Flintfang says she will, then wonders what he is going to tell Fernshade; that her kit had been killed because he was too weak to fight stronger enemies.

Character PixelsEdit

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References and CitationsEdit

  1. Revealed in Code of the Clans, page 55

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