Fear: Swiftpaw's Tale

Author: Ducksplash

Status: In Progress

Series: None

Allegiances: Coming Soon!

Preceding: None

Succeeding: None

Swiftpaw recounts his tale of how he was gruesomly murdered to Molepaw, Hollykit, Honeyfern, Shrewpaw, and Larchkit.


Swiftpaw looked up, blinking, he was surrounded by cats, with stars in their pelts.

"Don't worry young one, you're among friends," Swiftpaw blinked, seeing the pelt of Redtail, the deputy when he was only a kit.

"You're in StarClan now," two cats mewed.

"W-who are you," Swiftpaw breathed, his voice barely audible.

"I'm Primrosefur," a beautiful tortoiseshell she-cat mewed.

"And I'm Curlpelt," a golden she-cat said.

"I'm Podfall and I was a deputy seasons before you you were born into the forest," a big brown with a black foot mewed to Swiftpaw.

Swiftpaw nodded, he could recognize a few other pelts in the crowd, Rosetail, who had been an elder of ThunderClan when he was born, and Featherwhisker, who had been the medicine cat.

I'm safe here, and I'm among friends, I'm going to be alright, he thought as he lept to his paws.

Chapter OneEdit

Five star-furred cats crept up in the grass, a brown tabby she-cat, a brown tom, a pale gray she-cat, a dark brown tom, and another brown tabby she-cat.

"Swiftpaw," the biggest of the cats, a tabby she-cat, named Honeyfern called.

Swiftpaw swiveled his head around, to turn his amber eyes on the group of young cats.

"Yes?" he mewed, narrowing his eyes.

More Coming Soon!

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