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Paw  Domino  Paw
Loner Affiliations
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Current: LonerTemplate:R
Past: None
Residence: Unknown
Names Family
Loner: DominoTemplate:R Kin: FleckTemplate:R, MitziTemplate:R
Living: None Dead: Crookedstar's Promise

Domino is a broken-jawed tom.Template:R


In the Super Edition ArcEdit

Crookedstar's PromiseEdit

While not formally appearing, Domino is mentioned by his kin Fleck, a cat who Crookedkit meets on his way to the Moonstone. When Fleck notices Crookedkit's broken jaw, he tells him about Domino. Domino broke his jaw when he fell off the barn loft, and Crookedkit asks where he is. Fleck tells him that Domino is dead, and when Fleck notices Crookedkit's anxiety, he quickly says that he didn't die of his jaw, but of old age, last leaf-bare. Fleck explains how Domino learned to live with his jaw, becoming one of the best barn hunters. He used the good side of his mouth to kill and eat prey. Domino's techniques help Crookedkit, and he quickly becomes a good hunter.

Blood PercentageEdit


Family and RelativesEdit

FleckTemplate:R Status Unknown
MitziTemplate:R Status Unknown
MagpieTemplate:R Status Unknown
MistTemplate:R Status Unknown
PiperTemplate:R Status Unknown
SootTemplate:R Status Unknown


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