Author: Berry
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Series: Dear Fred, From George
Characters: George Weasley
Fred Weasley
Summary: George is writing to Fred again, three weeks after the last he wrote. He is hurting so much inside, and he can't tell anyone...except Fred...

Dear Fred

COME BACK, FRED! PLEASE COME BACK! It hurts so much to know that you're not here. I want to talk to you again, so I get correspondence, not so that a waste a bit of parchment with ink and tears. Mum says I need to stop writing these, because it's "giving me a false sense of security". Well she's wrong. I write these because all I want is to speak to you again. She wouldn't know. She's never had to lose a twin.

I've never realized until now how sleepy I am. I haven't slept in months and it's starting to catch up to me. Ron just happened to point out how skinny I am too. "George, you need to eat, you look like a twig!" really is the way to greet your brother in the morning...

I'm going to have to stop writing now. My wrist hurts and I can barelly see through the tears.

Love George

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