Paw  Cedarpelt  Paw
Rank of Clan Affiliations
No Image
Current: RiverClan
Past: None
Residence: Residence
Crookedstar[citation needed]
Names Family
Warrior: CedarpeltTemplate:R Sister:
Fallowtail[citation needed]
Lakeshine[citation needed]
Frogleap[citation needed]
Sunfish[citation needed]
Living: Crookedstar's Promise Dead: None

Cedarpelt is a stout,Template:R mottled,Template:R short-tailed, brown tabby tom.Template:R


In the Super Edition seriesEdit

Crookedstar's PromiseEdit

Cedarpelt is first seen aiding Timberfur carry bundles of freshly picked dry reeds across the RiverClan camp clearing to the apprentices, who were weaving them into the tattered apprentices' den.
When the kits offer to help rebuild the camp, Hailstar instructs them to take the reeds that Ottersplash was gathering to the apprentices so that Cedarpelt and Timberfur would be able to join a hunting patrol led by Shellheart. Stormkit races for the shore, causing Cedarpelt to warn him to be careful as he was pawing together a pile of reeds. Stormkit then skids to a halt and is told by Cedarpelt to not knock the reeds into the river.

Blood PercentageEdit

100% RiverClan blood[citation needed]

Family & RelationsEdit

Sister: Fallowtail
Mate: Lakeshine
Son: Frogleap
Daughter: Sunfish
Nieces: Graypool, Willowbreeze
Grandson: Grasskit
Granddaughter: Vixenkit
Great Nephews/Nieces: Morningkit, Splashkit
Great Nieces: Silverstream, Minnowkit, Willowkit
Great Great Nephew: Stormfur
Great Great Niece: Feathertail
Great Great Great Nephew: Pine That Clings to Rock
Great Great Great Niece: Lark That Sings at Dawn


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