• Pharuan Undearth

    get your gems a bit easier for Clash of Clans and no money actually leaves your pocket. or get the app and use my referral name [Tailnmm] you get 50 points for using my code and so do I. Get them gems. Works for both Android(goggle) and IPhone(ITunes) systems. Pharuan Undearth (talk) 01:00, June 15, 2014 (UTC)

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  • .Ginger

    Could I take over the wiki?

    December 29, 2013 by .Ginger

    Wow, I see this wiki is dead. There's no active users, it's abandoned. I was wondering, if anyone's even seeing this, if I could take over this wiki, edit and make chararts for it, maybe get some other users here, too? Thanks for your time.

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  • Berryflower123

    Ideas for Fanfics

    August 14, 2012 by Berryflower123


    Charlie Weasley contracts lung cancer from working with the dragons. From George Weasley's PoV
    Things I've worked out:
    *Charlie will die
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  • Berryflower123


    Okay, so I'm just posting this blog so I can show this to people because the chat is a butt and won't let me send it to people XP

    George collapsed next to his Twin's dead body, pale and cold, and cried tears of the absolute sorrow. Fred had died in an explosion, and his battered body showed it. George put his hand on his Twin's unmoving chest. The stillness scared him, but he left his hand there and continued to cry.His family stood around him, except Ron, who was on the other side of Fred, crying into his mother's shoulder. He had never felt so alone in his life. Actually, he had never felt alone, his Twin was always with him, through everything that they had done. Why did Fred have to …

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  • Atomic Angel

    My Story

    July 27, 2012 by Atomic Angel

    Stoneclaw created this Wiki a while ago, placing her broad knowledge of coding into every page, template and project efficiently. It's clear that her hope in this Wiki never faded, but skyrocketed as it began to prosper. Thistle aided her in adding page details when she joined, and she has helped this Wiki a ton. Stoney and Thistle have key roles in maintaining this Wiki; where do I come in?

    I was given the link to this Wiki by Stormboot. Knowing that Stoney was a wonderful person, I couldn't help but decide to make this Wiki another priority of mine. I heavily desired to help out immediately, so I quickly joined Project Art. In no time, I submitted Quickpaw's apprentice image. As another day went by and I joined Project Characters, I reali…

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  • Stoneclaw33

    One Announcement~!

    July 26, 2012 by Stoneclaw33

    I'm proud to announce that this wiki now has a subsite for roleplaying. We have created this website so that there can be roleplay over there, instead of clogging up with roleplay here. However, this website will cover the rules and informatio of that subsite, and will reflect the characters and history of roleplay on the subsite. This will be managed by Project:Role-play.

    I, Stoneclaw33, is Splash on the website. However it is recommended you use a username on that website that enables us to recognize you from the wiki.

    Link: [1]

    You do not have to have an account on wikia to have an account on that forum website. It is open to anyone. Also, I have high hopes that that subsite will bring some more users to this wiki.

    Thanks! 11:19, July 26, 2…

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  • Leopardclawxx

    Inactiveness ~

    July 26, 2012 by Leopardclawxx

    At the weekend, vague I know, but at the weekend I'm going down to London for a week (Shocking I know, a British person who doesn't live in LondaonXD). Anyway, I'm going for the week, and I'm going to the Olympics; I'm seeing Basketball, and I might be going to France for a few days too. I'll be back the following weekend. Just thought I'd let you know I'm not dead or whatever x3

    Wow, that was surprisingly rambleless x3 I usually ramble on a lot more... like I'm doing now XD

    Leopard, over and out!

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  • Atomic Angel

    My name is Starry and I am a proud user of WarriorCats WWorld Wikia. I joined on July 13th and am rather content to say that I have gone far, even for a few days. xD

    If any new user comes across here, feel free to ask any questions. I am highly capable of helping out. =)

    That concludes my very short blog and I will usually be hanging around. =)

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  • Thistleshine


    May 21, 2012 by Thistleshine

    Erm. Well, I've never really done this whole "blog" thing before. So hi! Welcome to my new blog thing. I'll probably use it to give suggestions about the Wiki, thank users, or just plain old post updates about the Wiki. Thanks for reading my first blog! (It's kinda fail.)

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